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Making pretty little things for your everyday.

27 Nov '14

Welcome to Le Pique Nique!


Thank you for visiting the brand new Le Pique Nique webstore.  Previously known as Jordani Sarreal Handmade Bags & Accessories....we've tried to simplify things and get back to our roots.

In 2011, Le Pique Nique was launched (with that name) as a line of bags and accessories.  A bit different than today's standard cosmetic bag, we had strawberry totes and sequined watermelon clutches.  It didn't take long to realize that not everyone was as excited about fruit accessories as we were. So we moved on.  

Luckily, the cosmetic bag we all know and love (and probably have too many of) came shortly after.  Since then, we've been featured in numerous industry magazines for salons and gift shops, had a feature in People Magazine's Style Watch, have products in shops around the world, and have sold over 16,000 bags.  


Some questions you may now have:

  1. 16,000 bags?! And these are handmade?! Yes, each and every bag has been made in one tiny little shop in Tacoma, Washington.  We pride ourselves on quality and craftsmanship...and also the caffeine intake needed to make that possible.
  2. Will you be making strawberry tote bags again? We only see fruit accessories in the rearview mirror. However, we can't guarantee that's a 'no.'   You can look out for new products in 2015 such as wallets, clutches, totes (non-fruit), and other accessories for the time being.
  3. Where did this webstore come from? Well, the 16,000 bags we've sold have mostly been through our Etsy shop.  That shop will still be open, but we want to be able to offer you a more unique experience through blogs, newsletters, deals, and gift cards.  So far we're loving the Shopify platform, and we hope you will too!


Please browse and peruse, and take advantage of the FREE SHIPPING [with code "GOBBLEGOBBLE"] all Thanksgiving Weekend if you so choose.  Thank you for visiting our new shop, we hope to see you soon!


- Le Pique Nique

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