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18 Feb '16

New Look, New Products: The New Picnic

Posted by Jordani Sarreal

Besides the fancy new artwork by Hawkes Eye Design, we've improved some of the webstore features on our website! Now you can browse through our store based on color - a request we heard a lot from brides choosing bridesmaid gifts to coordinate with their wedding colors.  We've also improved some search features, and have new ways to access our social media accounts and interact with us directly.  

Thank you for your feedback, and for supporting this handmade business.  Keep saying hello, letting us know what would make your customer experience better, and, of course, sharing us with all your friends!

14 Jan '15

Valentine's Day Gift Guide: The Paris-Themed Gift

Posted by Jordani Sarreal in chanel, french, gift guide, paris, pink, valentine's day

With Valentine's Day just one month away, we found some fresh ideas for the perfect Paris-Themed Gift for your Valentine this year.  Pair any of these gift ideas with our Paris in Pink Makeup Bag for a complete and unique gift.

1. Chanel No. 5 Eau de Parfum: The epitome of elegance and style all contained in one bottle.  Nothing says "I love you" like a bottle of perfume, and the "perfume of eternity" seems like a very romantic choice.

2. Paris Trio Earring Set: These earrings by Stella & Dot make a great gift to slip inside our featured Paris in Pink Bag for a younger valentine.  From mother to daughter, friend to friend, aunt to niece...the earrings and bag make the perfect fresh gift for the young valentines (8-14).

3. Paris in Pink Makeup Bag: Our Paris in Pink Makeup Bag has been a favorite across age groups, occasions, and styles.  It's a convenient size to be used as a makeup bag inside a purse or travel bag, but still small enough to take on-the-go.  It's size, high-quality workmanship, and unique print also make it great for pairing with a number of items to make the perfect paris-themed gift.  

4. How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are: Here's a fun gift that will make any Parisian-at-heart swoon.  Written by four authentic French women in short vignettes and segments, it can be enjoyed by the avid reader, or the reading-dabbler.  Gift the Parisian view on style, beauty, culture, attitude, and men this Valentine's Day.

5. A.P.C. Atelier Wool & Cashmere SweaterWhen you think French, you think stripes and berets - or at least we do.  Fortunately, these French stripes seem to always find their way in the latest fashions.  For your fashionista valentine this year, or for a contemporary Paris-themed gift, give this luxurious wool and cashmere sweater by A.P.C. Atelier de Production et de Creation.  


We hope you find our picks for the perfect Valentine's Day Paris-Themed Gift as delightful as we did.  Happy shopping!

- Le Pique Nique

01 Jan '15

A New Way to Organize in 2015

As we enter a brand new year, we find ourselves bombarded with many ways to achieve our New Year’s resolutions: new ways to organize our homes, our fridges, our schedules, or our goals.  As helpful as they might be, my biggest priority this year is to organize those priorities, and I’ve narrowed it down to 4 pieces for true organization and clarity.

My mind is constantly adding to my project and to-do lists - so I need no help from the new year to reflect on goal-setting.  But as you’ll see below, these four new ways to organize your life are attainable on any scale, can fit any lifestyle, and have through-the-roof ROI’s (return on investment).

1. Schedule a Recharge

Before you hang up that crispy 2015 calendar, literally schedule time to recharge your mind and body.  It could be taking an extra long morning once a month to soak in the tub and meditate. Or finding time every week to sit in peace and quiet with a hot cup of tea and take in the stillness.

It’s also helpful to schedule vacations (whether they be weekend adventures, or week-long stays) months and months ahead of time - especially if you’re like me, and keep saying that you’ll take a vacation in a month or so, but never do.  Plan it out ahead of time! AND save on any airline fares for booking so far in advance!

2. Make Time to Learn

Besides staving off dementia and owning the Tuesday night trivia at your local watering hole, learning is full of benefits that influence your communications, skills, health, and confidence.  It doesn’t have to be a grandiose gesture of learning Latin in 3 months, but try things that sound like fun to you like cooking, crafting, or reading.  

Another tip: try not to put deadlines on your learning. Sometimes you might get sidetracked and refocus to an entirely new subject off one tangent. That’s okay!  As long as you’re learning and exercising your brain, you’ll find the rewards of making that time to learn.

3. Compliment Yourself

This might seem like an odd task in the realm of “Organizing Your Life,” but I promise, it does apply.  Part of organizing and prioritizing your life is recognizing your own accomplishments.  When we sit down after a long day of work, we’d like to think someone will come running to us and say how amazing we are.  Sometimes, though, it’s just you. And your cat. And then it’s just you.  Find something interesting you did that day: maybe you solved an old problem in a very new way.  Maybe you just had a perfect hair day.  Congratulate yourself. (And if you have any secrets for a perfect hair day, pass it on!)

4. Be With the People You Love

When it comes down to it, the best way to spend the year is with the people you love.  Make time to just be with them: to listen and talk without multi-tasking.  It might not always fit our schedule, or it might take a drive, or a Skype call in the wee hours of the night…but just do it.  No matter how many obstacles or excuses you can find, the benefits will always outweigh the difficulties getting there.

Here’s to a very happy new year for all of us!

- Jordani

07 Dec '14

This Week's Under $10: December 7, 2014

Posted by Jordani Sarreal in christmas, gift ideas, le pique nique, sale, under $10

There's still time to order these unique stocking fillers for the holidays this year, so we'd like to bring your attention to these featured few which will be $9.95 all week long!

1. Navy & White Mojave Graphic Cosmetic Bag

This last year, we've seen an upward trend with tribal, geometric, and southwestern prints and graphics.  This bag encapsulates all three of those elements, but with sophisticated restraint - basically, it won't be trendy and outdated next year, so it makes a safe and great gift for yourself or for someone on your Christmas list! 

2. Kiwi Green Retro Floral Cosmetic Bag

We still have a few months until Mad Men begins...and then ends for a final time.  But there's no reason to not get in the sixties spirit early with this retro sixties-inspired floral bag

3. Rose Grandmother's Vintage Floral Bag


With classic feminine appeal in a vintage cotton floral, the Rose Grandmother's Floral Cosmetic Bag, regularly $13.95, is just $9.95 this week!  Pair it with a spa gift certificate, or a subscription to BirchBox or Ipsy to make a complete and unique Christmas gift.

30 Nov '14

This Week's Under $10: November 30, 2014

Posted by Jordani Sarreal in christmas, gift ideas, sale, under $10

1. Chevron: In Two Colors

There's no doubt Chevron is the trend right now, and why shouldn't it be?  It can be simple. It can be graphicIt can be metallic!  These two choices in aqua & cream and black & cream fit just about every occasion, though.  From a baby shower, to a bridal shower, to that "what's their favorite color now?!" teen.  Pick up a chevron for $9.95, and it's hard to go wrong. 

Shop for more Le Pique Nique Chevrons, here at "Chevrons, Stripes, and Dots"


2. The Matryoshka

Yes, we added a sticker of our proud People's Magazine moment.  We realize some people don't want the popular item of the moment, but...there's a reason why there is an item of the moment, and we're giving you our item of the moment with almost 30% off.  As a little insider's tip, it appears to be everyone's favorite stocking filler this year. 


3. For the Jetsetter


It's a retro luggage print on a bag, and we think it makes the perfect gift for the jetsetter.  Fill it with a passport case, some travel-sized toiletries, new earbuds, and if you really want to go all out - get a ticket to somewhere!  The $9.95 price might make that a bit more ideal...  And if you need one more selling point: it's organic

Shop more jetsetter gifts, here: The Around the World Collection


Happy shopping!

- Le Pique Nique